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Product Optimisation Using Ingredients/Processes and Sensory/Consumer Data

Anne Hasted

November 21st 2018
Cliftons Melbourne
440 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Course Organiser
Hal MacFie
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This one day workshop covers the approaches to product optimisation which control the recipes/processing variables tested with the aim of giving clear guidance on the key drivers of sensory/consumer responses. There are many different software tools which help with this, creating the experimental sample designs and providing graphical analysis to aid interpretation of the results. We will use Design Expert ( and there will be opportunities for you to “play” with the software and evaluate its ease of use and functionality.

Workshop Outline

  • Motivation for use of structured sample designs.

  • Finding the key influences on consumer liking and sensory characteristics and uncovering interactions between ingredients and process parameters.

  • Using these key parameters to plan further studies to optimise and predict liking.

  • Dealing with more difficult problems -investigating the complete recipe or mixture. 

  • Visualisation of the response surfaces, simultaneous optimisation of several performance measures including cost.


Anne Hasted began her career as an academic statistician at Reading University, she is now the senior consultant at Qi Statistics Ltd offering statistical training, software and consultancy support to research and industry. She has wide training and consultancy experience in both sensory and consumer research and has an international reputation for “user friendly” training.



Motivation for using structured designs, benefits, clarity, efficiency


Factorial Designs – experimenting on several process or product components simultaneously. Interpretation of results, importance of understanding interactions.


Workshop – graphical interpretation of effects




Application to sensory profile data and consumer test data.


What can you do if there are too many samples for an achievable experiment? Compromises and risks.




How and why of Optimisation designs Case Study examples optimising recipes and processes under cost constraints




Workshop on joint optimisation for recipe and cost


Working in constrained spaces -mixture designs. Graphical interpretation. Case Study – optimising liking for a beverage.


Summary of Day Close

Course Venue

Cliftons Melbourne
440 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


The course will run at Clifton’s “state of the art facility” in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. For more details of the venue please visit

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