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Hal MacFie provides very cost effective global training courses to the Food, Beverage, and Personal Products industries.
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Rhode Island 24 - 25 August 2017

Hands on Advanced Sensory Statistics Course

This course is designed to update the practicing sensory scientist with knowledge and tools to take advantage of recent developments in this fast moving field.

This course tackles recent developments in sensory science, bringing new statistical methods to bear and reviewing recent literature. It covers the analysis of QDA type data, developments in performance monitoring and difference testing. The most recent rapid methods are reviewed and the issue of when naïve consumers can be used instead of sensory assessors is addressed. The use of multi-way methods to relate sensory to other data sets is dealt with.

Taught By: Hal MacFie &Anne Hasted

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London 13 - 15 September 2017

Structured Experimental Design for Sensory and Consumer Scientists

**Scheduled to run immediately after the Pangborn conference in Rhode Island

This course is aimed at scientists involved in product or process development and optimisation using analytic, sensory or consumer response measures. It will promote this methodology which is generally underutilised in our sector. The standard design methods (DOE) will be discussed together with innovative methods which enable the software to be used for product optimisation based on an unstructured set of products (typical preference mapping data).

Taught by: Anne Hasted and Gemma Hodgson

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New York 27 - 29 September 2017

Hands on Sensory Statistics Course

Designed to give you the knowledge, practice and the tools to carry out your own design, analysis and interpretation of sensory data.

The course starts with a review of analysis of variance, the mixed model underlying sensory data analysis and its application to monitoring panel performance. We then cover the main data mapping techniques and modelling to link sensory to consumer or instrumental data,

Hands-on exercises using XLSTAT with solutions  and free SenPAQ software for participants to take away, ensure that you will be able to use your new skills on day one after the course.

Taught By: Anne Hasted

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London 18 - 20 October 2017

Hands on Consumer Test Analysis, Preference and Emotion Mapping

This course aims to give you the statistical skills to analyse and interpret data from consumer trials, whether conducted in hall tests, in home use tests, within your company or on the internet.

It is aimed at consumer or sensory scientists in both research and industry who may have learnt some statistics at college/university or have picked up the basics in the workplace and want to build their skills so that they can analyse data confidently, interrogate their data more deeply and relate different data collected on the same products. We aim to give you the knowledge, practice and tools to analyse consumer test data and to optimise the sensory properties of foods, beverages, personal products.

Taught by: Anne Hasted and Gemma Hodgson

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